Bohemian Wedding Switzerland

The Fluhberg a beautiful little mountain near Sissach is a great place for a wedding and a ceremonie under a big tree.

Rahel and Dominic celebrated their Bohemianwedding on the Fluhberg near Sissach in Switzerland and we are grateful that we were able to be there as wedding photographers and wedding videographers. Especially the wedding video underlines with the personal words the love between the two.

But what does Boho wedding mean anyway? I would describe it like this ->

All that the bridal couple likes and is rather unconventional, you see here rather wedding dresses in vintage style, natural decoration, flowers in the hair, nature and simply enjoy what you like without having to please anyone else :)

So the two of them have more than done that and created a perfect Boho wedding for them.

Getting Ready:
We always start with the groom at Getting Ready. Dominic got ready with his parents and the boys support him with loose sayings and lots of alcohol. There was a great atmosphere and we celebrated in the morning.

Then we drove on to Rahel and Dominic’s apartment and were greeted there by Rahel’s girls‘ clique, the mood was simply great and we found very good that several stylists were present and all bridesmaids had matching dressing gowns and bridesmaids‘ dresses.

First Look:
Rahel and Dominic decided to do the First Look directly at the wedding location Lafamiglia on the Fluhberg near Sissach. Tears flowed with both and also my eyes did not remain dry, afterwards we made directly at the adjacent barn photos of the bridal couple, the bridesmaids and also the Groomsmen (the male bridesmaids so to speak ;) ) )

Free wedding:
The free wedding ceremony was held by Rachel’s girlfriend and other friends joined in as well, it was very emotional and with a view to Sissach simply breathtaking. In the middle of nature and yet very close to the next village, simply a perfect wedding location the Lafamilglia on the Fluhberg.

The bridal shooting:
We used the sunset directly behind the hills around the Fluhberg and photographed directly at the location between the fruit trees and on the nearby fields.

The wedding celebration:
At such a Boho wedding of course the celebration is just as the bride and groom would like it and also this was like the rest of the day casual, relaxed and really emotional in all directions. It was eaten well, laughed a lot and celebrated into the morning hours. The speech of Rahels grandpa and also the words of the close friends got really under the skin.

I can recommend this great wedding location at Sissach to everyone and hopefully it was not the last time that we were allowed to accompany such a great Boho wedding in Switzerland. Now enjoy the wedding photos and the wedding video which shows very well how indescribably beautiful this day was.

Participating wedding service providers near Basel – Sissach

Location: Lafamiglia Fluhberg Sissach – Schweiz

Bridaldress: Wtoo Bridal Boutique Baden Baden
Jewellery: Tiffany’s
Anzug: Hugo Boss
Bridalbouquet and Flowers: Blumeneck Rheinfelden
Decoration: DIY
Hair & Makeup: Ana Badrov und Nathalie Van Reen
Torte: Rahel Kloetzer
Musik: DJ Carlos
Papeterie: Carine Mangold

Your words to us: You are the very best!!!

(We have received a lot of long wonderful voice messages, which I can’t insert here ;))

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